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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


The diversity of the Elementary School community helps the children grow to be open-minded and capable collaborators and learners.

Our students:

  • Learn to see diversity in thinking, language, and culture as rich opportunities to grow as confident and skillful global citizens.

  • Learn to listen actively and use the language of appreciation and inclusion of others, equipping them with skills to find solutions in increasingly complex situations.
  • Learn and operate through multiple languages and develop a deep understanding of different cultures.

Our Academic Program

The academic program at the Elementary School is modern, progressive, and rigorous - the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB PYP organizes curriculum content by creating holistic and exciting units of learning where traditional disciplines and all sciences meet. 

Our small, well-resourced classrooms allow for our teachers to get to know their students well. With English as an Additional Language teachers as well as Learning Support specialists working alongside all children in the classroom, our students are well supported to meet their goals and learning outcomes.


An Elementary School Day

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The IB Primary Years Program

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Learning in Elementary School is incredibly rich and varied. Students demonstrate their skills, wonderings, and understandings through visual art, music, movement, and the endless possibilities provided by technology.

The Arts

In the arts students express themselves through painting, sketching, sculpting, composing music, singing, and playing instruments.


Students engage in coding, robotics, and designing and printing 3-D objects.

Physical Education

Students understand and demonstrate a balanced lifestyle by developing movement skills, playing sports, and developing healthy life habits, for example participating in the popular Track Rats walking and running program on school mornings.

ES Hand raised

At Canadian Academy, you will frequently hear Elementary School students skillfully articulating and presenting their ideas. Students are excited to explore topics like:

  • Life cycles
  • Systems of transportation or organizations
  • Multiple perspectives of historical events
  • Space, and planetary relationships
  • Human behavior and learning
  • Forces and other laws of the physical world

    - to mention just a few.

Skills for Life

They learn, practice, and apply the skills needed to be effective speakers, readers, and writers, confident and fluent in mathematics, and intentional and critical thinkers.


Our teachers are friendly, kind, and care for every student. They will take time to listen to us and are always willing to help - whether it's about school works or anything else.

Grade 3 Student


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