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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


We celebrate that each child is an individual, with distinct  interests, abilities and needs. In our supportive learning community, we celebrate learning from our mistakes and foster a growth mindset.


Our curricular programs draw upon and are aligned with several international standards.

-   Balanced Literacy uses highly effective approaches to create readers, writers, and effective communicators.

-   Bridges, our mathematics program, requires our students to have a deep conceptual understanding, while being proficient in key skills.

-   Our students are challenged to apply their understandings to novel and increasingly complex problems. Our curricular programs draw from AERO, Next Generation, and ACARA standards.

The IB Primary Years Programme

Our curriculum is taught through the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). The standards provide clear and compelling goals, while the framework is flexible, allowing for differentiation and meeting each child where they are.

ES Brain Study

The key elements of the programme focus on understanding concepts, acquiring knowledge, building skills, developing attitudes and taking action, and are taught through our Units of Inquiry.

Our Units of Inquiry draw primarily from science and social studies standards, as well as integrating math and language arts when appropriate. This integrated approach asks our students to make trans-disciplinary connections across different subjects, making it easier to build their understanding of the why, what, and how the world works. 

The following table includes our six Units of Inquiry at each grade level, along with the central idea and lines of inquiry. We hope that this provides a general overview of how our standards set rigorous goals for our students to meet, while the curriculum ensures our students can achieve them.

Discover More About The PYP Curriculum

Units of Inquiry by Grade Level

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