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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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A typical day in Elementary School

Arriving at CA 8:15

Every morning a leadership team member welcomes me to school.


After the cheerful exchange of greetings students will either go directly to their classrooms or find their way to the playground before the first bell rings. The second bell of the morning will remind us all that we should be ready for the day in our homerooms.


Art at 9:15

Art, music, drama, design- I really enjoy showing my creative side- especially in these classes!



In the homeroom, the lesson can last from 45 to 100 minutes, and all the other lessons are mainly 45 minutes long.


Lunch at 12:30

It's been a busy morning- luckily I have a lot of choices so I can get ready for the afternoon.


Differentiated and individualized instruction is a hallmark of Canadian Academy. Whether it is extending well beyond grade level expectations or providing additional language and  learning support, our staff are quite adept at meeting the needs of each individual learner.

Japanese at 14:05

I love studying Japanese-- and not just speaking, but writing the characters, too.


Students typically finish their day with a brief meeting with their homeroom teacher and leave the campus to go home by CA bus or the local train, by car, by bike, or just walk.

Alternatively, the Elementary Students may participate in many of the after-school activities provided by the Canadian Academy.

Whether your child is an athlete, a performer, or a coder, it's likely we will have a club or activity that will pique your child's interest. And whether they are highly skilled or a novice, all are invited to participate.





About 40% of our students live on Rokko Island, within a 10 minute walking distance. Those coming from Osaka and other parts of Kobe either take one of our school buses, or come to school using public transportation.

Trains are widely used in Japan, and are safe, clean, and convenient.

One of the first things the Elementary School students see as they arrive on campus is the Elementary School Principal or the Headmaster who will welcome them back to school each day.

Track Rats 8:10

Before school starts, we walk or run to warm up our bodies and get us ready for learning.



The length of the Elementary School students’ lessons varies depending on whether they are learning in the homeroom or attending arts, PE, or Japanese classes.


PE at 10:15

It's so cool we can record our performance and then review and reflect on it- making it even better.



Lunch is hot and nutritious- with several options from which to choose. A salad bar, sandwich wraps, soups, and vegetarian selections round out the offerings.

Students can also choose a hot bowl of ramen-- or bring an obento (packed lunch) from home.

Math at 13:05

Math is really fun- my teacher individualizes the work for each of us- making sure we are challenged.


Our elementary school students study Japanese, learning hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

Our Japanese classes are differentiated by ability, with beginning, intermediate, and native level classes.

Regardless of how long your child has been in Japan, their language learning will be supported.

After School Clubs

I like having so many choices- some are for my brain, and some are for my body.