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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Secondary School Academic Programs

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)

With an emphasis on developing the whole learner through our Approaches to Learning and our role as global citizens through the global contexts, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in grades 6 through 10 is an exciting learning experience, complementing our school's Mission and Core Values.

Building on students' curiosity from the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the MYP helps guide students through adolescence and leads them into success in the Diploma Programme (DP) in grades 11 and 12. The MYP has a strong foundation in research, with MYP students outperforming non-IB students in critical thinking.

The MYP culminates in grade 10 with a student-designed Personal Project, an invigorating exploration of ideas and issues that demonstrate our students' developing identities as young leaders and positive examples of the IB's Learner Profile in action.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

The Diploma Programme is a demanding pre-university course that leads to external examinations and is designed for highly motivated high school students aged 16 to 19. The program has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving IB Diploma holders access to the world's leading universities.

Students who participate in the Diploma Programme are well prepared for university work and are accepted by universities in many countries. The program incorporates the best elements of national systems, without being based on any one. The IB DP emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to a variety of points of view. The program encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

The MYP and DP programs provide the framework on which our curriculum rests, preparing our students for life after graduation.

IB Middle Years & IB Diploma Programme Curriculum Details

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Art 10

Undertaking a series of increasingly sophisticated guided projects, using the elements and principles of art

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Art 6

Exploring Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value, and Space through a variety of artwork

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Art 7

Creating artwork while considering themes, materials, strategies and desired outcomes

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Art 9

Growing as visual artists, exploring the qualities of materials, processes and skills acquisition

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Design 7

Becoming skillful problem solvers, responding critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges

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Drama 6

Collaborating with their peers to create, perform and understand beginning theatrical skills

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English 6

Developing a critical understanding of literary and non-literary texts while honing written and verbal communication skills

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Humanities 9

Thinking like a micro-economist, considering historical questions, applying their understanding of geography

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Math 10 Standard

Deepening understanding of coordinate geometry, geometry of solids, trigonometry, quadratic equations and modeling as well as statistics

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Mathematics 7

Promoting both inquiry and application, helping students to develop problem-solving techniques that transcend the discipline

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Music 6

Covering the basics of appreciating, understanding, and making music with an eye on performance

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Science 6

Designing and conducting investigations using the scientific method across a variety of disciplines

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Science 7

Gaining a better understanding of our world, how it works, and the manner in which it influences their daily lives

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