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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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In high school, all courses challenge students to think independently, to identify problems and to make connections to real-world issues.

Our students are actively engaged both in and out of the classroom with contemporary issues, working hard to create solutions for difficult and complex problems. Student initiated groups are encouraged and have included international mindedness, diversity and inclusion, as well as climate change. Our students are committed to compassionately impacting the world.

Outside the Classroom

Students are actively engaged in service projects and in a wide variety of co-curricular clubs and activities throughout their time as high school students. Our activities and athletics program offers a range of clubs and sports from which to choose. With our open eligibility, students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.

Supporting Wellbeing

To support their wellbeing, students are assigned an Advisor with these advisory groups meeting briefly each morning and once per cycle for an extended period. We have a robust Social and Emotional Learning program and our Advisory program is designed to ensure that all have a secure sense of belonging.

School Day

Our high school is a busy place- follow us on a typical school day.

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Secondary Students Collaboration


Fostering critical thinking and building problem solving skills.

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Our small, family-oriented boarding program is available for students in grade 8 and above.

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Completing the MYP

Students in Grades 9 and 10 complete the final two years of our MYP Programme. Not only does this integrated framework provide a strong foundation for the university preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12, but its focus on conceptual and inquiry based learning allows students to develop the skills and dispositions needed to both find a sense of belonging as well as to actively engage in actions that will positively impact the world. 

The MYP experience culminates in Grade 9-10 with a student-led Personal Project. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their passions and interests and demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned over the course of their MYP studies. The personal project also provides good preparation for the IB Diploma Programme's Extended Essay component. The Personal Project exhibition in spring is an enjoyable and informative showcase of CA student interests and inquiries. 

Bioethics of Genetics

Students at CA don't shy away from some of the tough questions facing society-- whether it is through our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives or what it means to be internationally minded. These challenging questions are considered across all areas of the curriculum, including science.

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Grade 9 in the Lab

Our grade 9 students were in the lab today, digging into their unit of study, 'What is life made of?' The students were examining cells and their structures, specifically comparing the cells of an onion with their own cheek cells.

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Paths to Graduation

While all students earn the Canadian Academy High School diploma upon graduation, there are a variety of pathways in order to graduate.

Canadian Academy is a private international school approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, accredited by the US-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as well as the Council of International Schools (CIS), and certified to award a United States high school diploma.


CA Diploma + International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

The IB Diploma programme is a broad and rigorous programme of study involving internally assessed work over the two years of the course and culminating in external examinations in each subject. Students who follow the IB Diploma take six subjects including English, Mathematics, a Foreign Language or second mother tongue, Humanities, Science and the Arts. Three of these subjects are taken at higher level and three at standard level. At the core of the IB Diploma are the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Activity and Service.

CA Diploma + IB Courses Certificates

While over 90% of our students choose to challenge themselves with the IB DP pathway, we understand that it is not for everyone. In some cases the IB diploma can be limiting for students, particularly those that have a strong interest in the fine arts and design. Following individual IB courses allows students more flexibility with their program and to design a course of study that may better reflect their interests and aspirations. Students taking IB courses (but not pursuing the full DP) are normally recommended to choose six subjects, with some possibly taken at higher level. The number and type of subject along with the level are chosen in response to an individual student’s needs. Completing IB courses leads to externally recognized results for each course. 

CA Diploma + IB Bilingual DP

Many of our students are multilingual, and some may choose to complete the IB Bilingual DP. Students pursuing the Bilingual DP take two Language A classes rather than one and a Language B class.