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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


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A typical day in High School

Arriving at CA 8:15

It's easy getting to school on time when walking with a friend.


Our small group advisories start each day by checking in with each student, ensuring they are well-prepared for the day, addressing issues important to teens.

Working in advisories help children develop strong bonds and friendships, providing a trusting environment to be oneself.

Spanish at 8:50

CA offers Japanese, but I've chosen Spanish-- picking up my third language!


Each of our courses last 80 minutes in the middle school, allowing for students to dig deep into their studies.

The courses rotate over a 9 day schedule, with an additional Extended Learning Opportunity block of time built into the schedule. The ELO touches upon a variety of subjects, encouraging trans-disciplinary thinking.

Lunch at 11:40

A debit system is easy to use-- and I can use it to buy healthy snacks at the cafe throughout the day and after school.


Whether through visual arts, drama, concert band, orchestra or choir (and even tea ceremony), students have multiple ways to refine and showcase their talents.

Math at 14:05

I was well prepared for my quiz today-- working with friends with the support of the teacher really paid off.




Whether your child is an athlete, a performer, or a coder, it's likely we will have a club or activity that will pique your child's interest. And whether they are highly skilled or a novice, all are invited to participate.







About 40% of our students live on Rokko Island, within a 10 minute walking distance. Those coming from Osaka and other parts of Kobe either take one of our school buses, or come to school using public transportation.

Trains are widely used in Japan, and are safe, clean, and convenient.

Advisory 8:30

Today was extended Advisory-- we are preparing for our Personal Project, where each of us will work with a faculty advisor.


In the secondary school, students have the option to study Spanish or Japanese. With multi-level offerings, students are challenged at the appropriate level.

Being an international school that values languages, many of our students are acquiring a third language.

Design at 10:15

We use computer-based design tools to create solutions and complex products, solving real world problems.


Lunch is hot and nutritious- with several options from which to choose. A salad bar, sandwich wraps, soups, and vegetarian selections round out the offerings.

Many of our service clubs meet during lunch to plan upcoming events to support our communities.

Art at 12:20

It's great I can take advantage of one of four art classrooms-- and many chances to show my work to my friends and family.


Differentiated and individualized instruction is a hallmark of Canadian Academy. Whether it is extending well beyond grade level expectations or providing additional language and  learning support, our staff are quite adept at meeting the needs of each individual learner.

Afternoon Concert at the Atrium

I love performing- we have so many opportunities throughout the year to hit the stage.