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Investing in Your Children's Future

In addition to its rigorous academic programs, Canadian Academy students actively participate in a wide range of activities and experiences, both inside and outside the school walls. Throughout the school year, students have an opportunity to take part in overnight trips throughout Japan, Sports Day, musical performances, drama and art contests. Our students compete against local and international teams and organizations. We often host conferences and guest speakers, including authors and musicians. Parents are invited to participate in cultural activities such as tea ceremony and Japanese flower arranging as well.

Canadian Academy has a long-standing relationship with the local and global communities and is actively involved in many service projects. These projects include soup kitchens, planting and maintaining areas of the Rokko mountains, supporting area orphanages, the students of several schools in Tohoku, and providing scholarships to middle school students in Thailand. 

The tuition and fees are set out in the table below. More details on the fees and their structure follow in the drop down menu after the table.

One-time fees for a new student 
Application Fee¥66,900
Registration Fee¥378,000
EAL Support Fee (if applicable)
Annual tuition fees 
Pre-K3 (half-day program)¥1,444,200
Pre-K3 (full-day program)¥1,744,000
Kindergarten A¥1,744,000
Kindergarten B¥1,975,800
Grades 1-5¥1,975,800
Grades 6-8¥2,411,300
Grades 9-12¥2,367,800
Other Fees 
Senior Fee for Grade 12 studentsUS$975
Building and Development fee¥231,700
Parent Teacher Association fee per family¥4,000

Please visit our online billing form to arrange payment.

The fees are explained in more detail in the expandable secton below.

Annual Fees

Tuition and school fees are due in advance for attendance and for the full school year.  Financial assistance may be applied for as it relates to temporary financial hardship or installment plans.  Any payment arrangements beyond full payment at the beginning of the school year or at the time of enrollment, if after the beginning of the school year, incur a fee.  Please contact the Accounting Office for more information.

Students who register after the school year begins are charged tuition pro-rated at the time of admission on a basis of which quarter they enter.  Students who withdraw before the end of the academic year are charged tuition for the quarter in which they withdraw.  No tuition or fees are refunded during a student’s senior year. In addition, if the school has to close unexpectedly due to an emergency situation, school will continue via on-line learning, and no refunds will be provided.

The building and development fee is charged annually to all students who attend CA.   This fee is charged in full to all students, returning and new, regardless of when the student begins each year at CA.  It is not refundable or pro-rated for years of partial attendance.   

The PTA fee is non-refundable and not pro-rated for years of partial attendance.  This fee is not optional as all parents are members of PTA through their child’s enrollment at CA.  PTA members are invited to attend PTA meetings that are planned throughout the school year to acquaint parents with various aspects of the school and to help them meet with members of the CA community.

The school has arranged Accident Insurance, which is included in Tuition and Fees, to cover all students to a maximum amount of ¥500,000 per student for death, physical impairment or medical expenses as a result of accidents occurring during school hours, while traveling directly between the school and home, or while participating in school organized trips or activities. Medical expenses covered are those remaining after a first claim has been made to your personal Health Insurance whether local or international (if available) and limited to costs incurred within 180 days of the accident. The premium will be paid by the school from tuition fees. Parents wishing a larger or wider coverage should consider buying additional insurance. Insurance reimbursements are made based on the insurance company's determination of its policy with the school.

One-Time Fees

  • The application fee is applied to the cost of entrance examinations and the processing of applications.  The fee is charged to all new students applying to CA and is due and payable at the time the application is submitted to CA.  Applications will not be considered complete for review until the application fee has been paid to CA.  This fee is a fixed amount  charged in full to all new students who apply to CA, not pro-rated based on enrollment date.  In addition, this fee is not refundable and is a one-time fee per application.  If a student is not accepted and submits subsequent applications, this fee will be due at the time of re-submission for all applications beyond two.  Also, if a family withdraws a student's application to CA after the application has been received and the fee processed, CA will not provide a refund of this fee.
  • The registration fee is applied to the cost for plant redevelopment and is charged to all new students applying to CA.  This fee is non-refundable, is only due one time at acceptance, and is charged in full to all new students who apply to CA regardless of when they enter CA during the school year.
  • The English As An Additional Language (EAL) fee is charged to offset the cost for providing support for students with EAL needs.  A student’s need for EAL support will be assessed upon application and if a student is enrollment needing EAL support, this fee will be charged one-time at the initial acceptance and placement by CA.
  • The Senior Fee for Grade 12 students is charged to all 12th grade students in their final year.  The fee covers IB exam fees, preparing transcripts for university entrance and costs associated with graduation.  The US$ amount will be converted into Japanese yen on May 1st every year and billed in yen with the August tuition fee.
  • Students who leave CA and cease paying tuition for any length of time are required to pay these one-time fees upon re-enrolling.

Pre-School Fees

Peter Pan@CA provides a two year-old pre-school program as well as before and after school childcare. For more information, please visit the Peter Pan website

Food Service Fees

All Food Services at CA are contracted and provided through Cezar’s Kitchen. For more information on registration, pre-payment, and menus, please visit the Cezars Kitchen website

Additional Fees

Below is a list of fees that are not covered by Annual Tuition and Fees.

All School
  • Yearbook, which ranges from ¥10,000-12,000. The fee will be set at the beginning of the school year. 
  • Pictures, which are taken at the beginning of the year and offer a range of package options.
  • Instrument Rental, which depends on instrument and will be communicated through the music class.
Elementary School
  • Field Trips
  • After School Activities
Secondary School
  • Travel for Sports
  • After School Activities
  • PE Uniform, which is ¥1500 for a shirt and ¥1500 for shorts. All MS and HS students taking PE are required to wear a PE uniform.

Payment Schedule

Canadian Academy uses an online billing form to prepare the billing invoice at the beginning of each school year. There are several payment options noted on this form:

  1. one time payment
  2. payment by semester (2 payments)
  3. installment payments (more than 2 payments) with a 5% service charge. Please contact the Accounting Office to arrange for consideration and approval installment payments.

The bill(s) are due 15 days before the commencement of the each semester. A penalty of 10% will be strictly applied for payments received 15 days after each semester begins. Students whose tuition is outstanding 30 days after the beginning of the year may be suspended from classes. The school reserves the right to withhold any report cards, transcripts, or diplomas if there are unpaid balances. Questions about bills and payments should be directed to the Accounting Office.

Fees may be paid by check, money order, or bank transfer at any branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation or The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Checks should be payable to Canadian Academy. Yen checks are preferred, but checks in foreign currencies are accepted at Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ's TTB (Telegrahic Transfer Buying) rate as of the previous business day.  Please visit this website and choose the appropriate date, for example if you wish to pay on May 19th, please choose the TTB rate from May 18th.

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
  • Rokko Island Branch,
  • Savings A/C 3116670
  • Swift code is SMBCJPJT


  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sannomiya Branch,
  • Savings A/C 3353216
  • Swift code is BOTKJPJT

All banking fees are borne by payors. For funds transfers from outside of Japan, e.g. USA, please add 6,000 yen to cover these costs.

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