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Fee Schedule & Policy 2020-2021

This schedule of fees and refund policy can be downloaded in pdf format. If your child's school fees are to be invoiced to your employer please download this form, complete and return it to

Schedule of Fees

Current StudentsAnnual TuitionBuilding & DevelopmentTotal
Kindergarten A ¥1,000,000 ¥260,000 ¥1,260,000
Kindergarten B ¥2,160,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,420,000
Grades 1-5 ¥2,160,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,420,000
Grades 6-8 ¥2,550,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,810,000
Grades 9-11 ¥2,600,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,860,000
Grade 12 ¥2,750,000 ¥260,000 ¥3,010,000

New StudentsApplicationRegistrationAnnual TuitionBuilding & DevelopmentTotal
Pre-K3 ¥90,000 waived ¥1,000,000 ¥260,000 ¥1,350,000
Kindergarten A ¥90,000 waived ¥1,000,000 ¥260,000 ¥1,350,000
Kindergarten B ¥90,000 ¥400,000 ¥2,160,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,910,000
Grades 1-5 ¥90,000 ¥400,000 ¥2,160,000 ¥260,000 ¥2,910,000
Grades 6-8 ¥90,000 ¥400,000 ¥2,550,000 ¥260,000 ¥3,300,000
Grades 9-11 ¥90,000 ¥400,000 ¥2,600,000 ¥260,000 ¥3,350,000
Grade 12 ¥90,000 ¥400,000 ¥2,750,000 ¥260,000 ¥3,500,000

Other Costs of Attendance
EAL support (one time) ¥900,000 for KB and above,no fee for PreK/KA

Dormitory room fee & board ¥1,800,000 (¥1,240,000 room + ¥560,000 board)
PE shirt/PE shorts ¥2,000 each
Lunch (estimate daily) ¥520 (PreK3-KB), ¥630 (Grade 1-5), ¥670 (Grade 6-8), ¥730 (Grade 9-12)
Laptop (Grades 6-12) ¥120,000 - ¥160,000
School bus (per semester) ¥45,000 - ¥79,000 (one way), ¥90,000 - ¥158,100 (roundtrip)
After School Activities /APAC ¥7,000 - ¥100,000 per activity

One Time Fees

  • A non-refundable Application Fee is required for consideration of each application. Applications will remain valid for a two-year period from the date of submission.
  • A non-refundable Registration Fee is charged to all new students (except for Pre-K3 and KA) regardless of when they enter during the school year.
  • The English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) fee is charged for students requiring EAL support. The determination of EAL support needs is made solely by school staff, is a condition of enrollment and is not subject to parental discretion. This fee is refundable only if the student exits the program within the first quarter of attendance.
  • Students who leave CA for one academic year or more are required to pay one-time fees upon re-enrolling.

Annual Fees

  • The Building and Development fee is charged annually, in full, to all students who attend CA. Proceeds of this fee are dedicated to the ongoing maintenance, renewal, and replacement of campus facilities. This fee is not prorated for late entry or early withdrawal.
  • Annual Tuition, which funds staff and programmatic costs, is charged to all students who attend CA. Payment of the annual Tuition Fee includes membership in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Canadian Academy.

Fees Terms & Conditons

  • For new families, school fees are due, in full, within 30 days of invoicing. For returning families, school fees are due in full by July 1st prior to the start of the school year.
  • Payment plans are available for families paying privately. Companies must pay full fees by the due date.
  • Students for whom fees have not been paid by the due date nor have payment arrangements been agreed-upon may lose their place to new applicants.
  • Fees may be paid by bank transfer at any branch of Minato Bank. Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payor.

Minato Bank (0562)
Head Office/Honten Eigyobu (011)
2-1-1 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku
Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken 650-0021, JAPAN
Savings A/C 1970737

The school reserves the right to withhold any report cards, transcripts, references or diplomas if there are unpaid balances.

Payment Schedule

The school offers two payment options for parents paying privately:

  • Full payment by July 1st
  • Installment payments (6) by bank draft beginning July and ending December (no surcharge)

Companies sponsoring students must pay in full by July 1st. Parents requesting an installment plan should visit the Business Office and complete the required banking form at least 6 weeks prior to the first payment date.

Charges for Late Payment

Payments returning by the bank will result in an administrative charge of ¥5,000. The charge for late payments is ¥5,000 per week.

Government Scholarships and Subsidies

Canadian Academy participates in the National Government’s High School Tuition Support Fund (shugaku shien-kin) as well as the Grants for Supplemental Scholarship (shogaku kyufu-kin) programs offered through the Hyogo and Osaka prefectures. Households must meet certain income requirements to be eligible for grants. Written applications for shugaku shien-kin and shogaku kyufu-kin must be submitted to the Canadian Academy business office by the end of August each year. Canadian Academy cannot submit late requests to the governmental agencies.

Pre-School Program

Peter Pan International Pre School operates a program at Canadian Academy for two-year-old children. For more information, please visit the Peter Pan website.

Late Enrollment & Refund Policy

School Fees

Refunds of school fees are based on the date of written notification and the schedules below.

If the school has to close unexpectedly and classes continue via on-line learning, no refunds will be provided.

Proration of Tuition Fees for Late Enrollment

Annual Tuition Fees for late enrollment are payable according to the following schedule:

Enrollment within quarterUntil Oct 23, 2020Until Dec 18, 2020Until Mar 19, 2021Until Jun 15, 2021
Annual Tuition Fee100%75%50%25%

Neither One Time nor Building & Development are prorated regardless of enrollment or withdrawal date.

Refund Schedule Upon Withdrawal

School Fees for new and re-enrolled students will be refunded in case of withdrawal according to the following schedules:

I. Enrolled for/ during first semester and withdrawing for first semester
Withdrawal notice provided
Fee TypeBefore July 1July 1 to Aug 7Aug 8 to Nov 3Nov 4 to Dec 18
Application/ Re-Enrollment FeeNo RefundNo RefundNo RefundNo Refund
Registration Fee (New Students Only)100% RefundNo RefundNo RefundNo Refund
Annual Building & Development Fee100% Refund100% RefundNo RefundNo Refund
Annual Tuition Fee100% Refund100% Refund50% RefundNo Refund

II. Currently attending and withdrawing for second semester
Withdrawal notice provided
Fee TypeBefore Nov 3After Nov 3
Application/ Re-Enrollment FeeNo RefundNo Refund
Registration Fee (New Students Only)No RefundNo Refund
Annual Building & Development FeeNo RefundNo Refund
Annual Tuition Fee50% RefundNo Refund

III. Newly enrolled for second semester
Withdrawal notice provided
Fee TypeBefore Oct 23Oct 24 to Nov 30

After Nov 30

Application/ Re-Enrollment FeeNo RefundNo RefundNo Refund
Registration Fee (New Students Only)100% RefundNo RefundNo Refund
Annual Building & Development Fee100% Refund100% RefundNo Refund
Annual Tuition Fee50% RefundNo RefundNo Refund

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