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This page has the latest news from Canadian Academy. Visit our news archive  to search for older announcements.


Posted 01/16/2018 14:00

Online ticket sales for our Saturday, March 10th, 2018, Red Carpet Gala at the ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe will go on sale this afternoon from 2 pm.  Please follow this link to reserve your tickets for a fabulous evening of stars, entertainment, and friends, all in support of Canadian Academy!

This event is sure to sell out.  Please accept our apologies in advance if you aren't able to secure a seat at this event!

Please direct all questions to the Advancement Office.
Posted 01/16/2018 14:34
Canadian Academy encourages its community to join us in remembering the Great Hanshin Earthquake.  The earthquake struck on the morning of Jan. 17th, 1995, at 5:46 a.m.  With a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale, over 45,000 homes were destroyed, injuring over 27,000 and killing 6,433 people.  At that time, Canadian Academy served as a shelter for many island residents, offering a safe and warm environment.

At CA, Yuki Ohmori, Class of 2009, researched and presented the stories of fellow alumni, detailing what that experience was like.  She presented these to our high school, both through an assembly as well as individual classes.  Furthermore, on display in our library is some information about the earthquake and the stories, poems, and pictures that were created by our students in 1995.

Canadian Academy conducts earthquake and tsunami drills throughout the year, every year.  We encourage your family to do so as well and to have a plan/emergency kit in place for any sudden disaster.

Finally, we hope that you will take a moment to reflect on the anniversary of the Hanshin Earthquake, remembering those that lost their lives, as well as give thanks for what Kobe has become since: a vibrant city that we are proud to call our home.

Posted 01/15/2018 13:41
We are delighted to announce that one of the most established and well-known embroidery artists, Ms. Inagaki Michiko, is coming to Canadian Academy from Kyoto this winter in our tea ceremony room.

On Tuesday, February 6th, she will show us her beautiful and intricate embroidery skills that were passed down the last 700 years in Kyoto. This is her very first time to show her demonstration and her artwork outside of her house in Kyoto.

After her demonstration, we will have some time to enjoy a bowl of tea, prepared and offered in a tea ceremony demonstrated by some of the mothers in Canadian Academy PTA Tea Ceremony Club.

There will be three sessions:  10:00, 13:00 and 15:30 and each session is about 1 hour including a tea ceremony. There will be some items available on sale as well.

If you are interested in coming to see her work and participate in this special event, please book here by purchasing a ticket, which is 2,000 yen including a bowl of tea and sweet. Please don’t forget to reserve your time slot as we only have 25 seats available in each session.

Please look into her work on this website:

Looking forward to having you as a guest to this special Japanese art and cultural event!

Posted 01/15/2018 12:33
All secondary school parents are invited to attend the principals' coffee on Jan. 24th, 8:30 a.m. in the library. 

The focus will be how to read, interpret and discuss your teen's report card, while focusing on growth and goal setting.  During this session we will review the secondary school report card and share ways to discuss the report card and your child's learning.

Hosted by Stephen Taylor and Liz Andrews
Posted 01/15/2018 11:00

Akemashite Omedetoo Gozaimasu (Happy New Year)!

Celebrating the New Year is the most important event in Japan. In the past, people physically visited homes of families and friends to exchange greetings for the new year. However, since the beginning of 1870s, the common practice today has been to send nengajo (New Year's cards) to families and friends to wish a happy year. The nengajo often includes an illustration of the animal of the year under the Chinese zodiac calendar. The year 2018 is the year of the Dog.

The Middle School Japanese classes had an annual nengajo contest in December. The students demonstrated their creativity in designing dogs on their cards and wished for a healthy and happy new year. Enjoy their beautiful and creative designs.  

Please click here to view Nengajo.

Posted 01/15/2018 09:57
Please join us on Thursday, Jan. 25th, at 8:40 a.m. in the ELAC Multipurpose Room for Peek into Learning: Creating Culture of Thinking in the classroom - How specific utilization of thinking routines support and deepen student learning of complex and challenging concepts.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Posted 01/15/2018 09:55

Thai Village Children's Fund Campaign Results

We believe that compassionate actions benefit communities. (CA core value)

I am proud to report that we had great success with our annual Thai Village Children’s Fund Campaign. In total, we raised 2,548,426 yen. My special thanks go to Mr. Mayhew and Mr. Gorski for their hard work to lead the campaign. This is the biggest fundraiser of the  school where not only students and teachers are involved, but also staff, students' families and alumni are as well. Without everyone's contribution, we couldn't have been as successfuls. Thank you to everyone for their participation in the fundraiser.

Congratulations to the MS team for raising 1,541,210 yen!  They raised 1,061,210 yen through all kinds of activities: the planter sale of Ms. Verona's G7 design class, Walk-a-Thon, bake sales, raffles, dodgeball game, dance and more. In addition to this, 480,000 yen was donated by MS students to sponsor Thai students individually.

The HS team raised 417, 216 yen: 119,216 yen by the HS SBC and 298,000 yen through individual sponsorships. I was impressed that many people came forward this year to offer individual sponsorships to Thai students. I appreciate the generous contribution of 590,000 yen made by the wider CA community (ES families, faculty, staff and alumni).

Our effort makes a great difference in the lives of Thai kids. We are not just providing scholarships to those who are unfortunate, but helping the Thai children establish a system to help each other work their way out of poverty.

Jeanie Vogt, the chair of the fund, expresses her gratitude to everyone who supported the fundraiser. Mr. David Mayhew and Ms. Victoria Varona are going to visit the Thai villages with ten 8th graders at the end of this month. We look forward to the news about our sponsored students.

Midori Nishizawa
Director of Service


Posted 01/15/2018 09:27
An informational session for those interested in substitute teaching at Canadian Academy will be held on Thursday, January 25th at 8:30am in the ELAC Conference Room. Teaching certification and experience is preferred but other candidates will be considered.
Posted 01/15/2018 08:32

Tech Tip - Screen Time

We have just come out of the holiday season, where many children may have acquired new devices, or are in possession of their first ever smartphone, tablet or laptop.  As a result, the question of screen time and the placement and enforcing of limits is topical in many households.

If you have any concerns or questions, please consult the relevant tech coordinator or counselor at CA.  Periodically, there are parent coffees that address these questions.  In the meantime, here's a recently published article, from a reputable source, with facts and advice to help you navigate these dilemmas.


Posted 01/11/2018 11:00

CA would like to extend a special invitation to the community.

Canadian Academy will be hosting the annual SENIA (Special Education Network in Asia) conference in Japan on Friday and Saturday, Feb.9th and 10th. We welcome all international schools, teachers, counselors, administrators, specialists, therapists, parents, and anyone interested in diversity and inclusion to attend. On Friday night, there will be a screening of the movie "A School for Everyone/みんなの学校," an award-winning documentary about the challenges of an inclusive school in Osaka. (The movie will be in Japanese with English subtitles.) The following morning we will have opening remarks from a student guest speaker from Nagoya International School, followed by workshops and discussion groups about supporting students and families with special needs.

I'm also pleased to announce we have a very special presentation by Mr. Jonathan Kohl, a Canadian Academy parent, who is opening a center to support families with special needs here in Kansai.

The conference registration is here:

SENIA (アジア特別支援教育ネットワーク)によるカンファレンスが2月9日(金)および10日(土)にカネディアン・アカデミイで開催されます。9日夜には、映画「みんなの学校」の上映、10日にはワークショップや発表が予定されております。土曜日には関西で特別支援の活動をされておられ、CAの保護者でもあるジョナサン・コール氏によるスペシャル・プレゼンテーションも予定されております。映画は日本語ですが、それ以外の全てのカンファレンスは英語での開催になりますが、ご興味のある方はどうぞご参加ください。



ここで少しSENIAについてご説明させていただきますと、アジア特別支援教育ネットワーク(Special Education Network in Asia、以下「SENIA」) 日本支部は、2015年の4月に日本在住のインターナショナル・スクール教員により、正式に設立されました。SENIAは特別支援教育が必要な子どもに対しての認識や支援を促進するネットワークを展開しており、日本支部の主な目的は、SENIAの理念を日本において拡充することです。文化、学習ニーズや言語に関わらず、すべての子どもには学ぶ権利や様々な方法を通じて学習する権利があります。SENIAの理念の延長として、SENIA日本支部は、学習意欲の向上、学習能力の違いの尊重、最良かつ最も効果的な教育アプローチの方法を前面的に活用できるよう様々な教育状況で専門家を支援することを目指しています。

カンファレンス、またはSENIA Japanについてご質問等がありましたら、ジョセフ・ゴルスキー先生までご連絡ください。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。

カンファレンス (Registration form)



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