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This page has the latest news from Canadian Academy. Visit our news archive  to search for older announcements.


Posted 12/03/2019 08:56

We love pets and understand that they are part of many families! Pets are always welcome at the front of the building at drop off and pick up times-- it's wonderful to see how happy our students are to see their pet waiting for them. However, we have been finding dog waste in the sandboxes, on the playgrounds and playing fields.

Please do not bring your pet beyond the front of the school without permission from the headmaster or a principal for recreational purposes (especially on our fields and playgrounds) as this creates both safety and health risks for our children.

Thank you for keeping our children (and pets!) safe, happy, and healthy.

Posted 12/02/2019 13:05

A multimedia production inspired by Stuart Slades play BU22

Our High School theatre students have created a play about six young people caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. They share their stories which are terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious. BU22 is theatre from the very near future.


Tickets are on sale

Posted 12/02/2019 12:50

Parents and children, grades 7 and above, are invited to a workshop with our Artist in Residence, Eduardo Castro Neves. This workshop will be on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, from 6 pm in our P&G Black Box Theater.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted 12/02/2019 12:50

Canadian Academy is pleased to continue its innovative Artist in Residence program with our guest, Eduardo Castro Neves. Through the support of our PTA, Eduardo will be working with a variety of age groups through the month of December.

Posted 11/26/2019 09:05

Please also view at

Emma Haruka Iwao is a Japanese computer scientist from Osaka and currently works for Google (U.S.A.) as Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Recently her team at Google broke the world record for the calculation of the most accurate value of pi.

She will visit Canadian Academy on December 9th, 2019. CA students will have an opportunity to learn about her life as a software engineer and how her childhood dream has come true.

  • 14:25-15:15 Auditorium
    Presentation for CA students (Grades 3-5 classes, selected groups of secondary school)
  • 15:30-17:00 Atrium - open to the public
    Coding Workshop by CA Tech Helpers, 8x9 Programming School, Tech Kids School
  • 17:10-17:50 Atrium - open to the public
    Meet & Greet Emma
  • 18:00-19:15 Auditorium - open to the public. The talk is suitable for high school and adults.
    Emma's Talk: Pi is a special mathematical number that begins with 3.14 and goes forever. They calculated 31.4 trillion digits of pi using computers and broke the world record. Calculating pi was a childhood dream that she never thought would come true. In this talk, you will learn how the dream came true 20 years later. She will also share her story about life as a software engineer at a technology company.

Sign up at

Posted 11/26/2019 08:57

As most of you know, November and December are the fundraising months for the Thai Village Children's Fund campaign. This fund was established by a Thai, Jeannie Vogt, to support Thai children in the northern Thailand to continue their secondary education. Junior high schools are compulsory in Thai, but only 30% of the students can attend schools as many families in villages cannot afford to buy necessities such as uniforms, shoes, textbooks and stationary. High schools are not compulsory and cost more, so only a few families can afford to send their children to high school. CA has been supporting this project since 2004 and each year it has grown; last year we raised 2,282,838 yen.

We are looking for new sponsors for HS students, which is 10,000 yen per year. If you could help, please email Midori Nishizawa (N208) by Wednesday, December 11th.

Also, please do not miss the Pottery Sale for Thai Kids on Friday, November 29th from 17:30 to 19:30 in the atrium by Canadian Academy's Japanese teacher, Mrs. Kuni Labrecque. Pots donated by professional potters will be sold in addition to Mrs. Labrecque's works. All the profit will go to Thai Kids' fund. If you are looking for a traditional holiday gift, this would be a great opportunity.

Without education, the Thai children will not get a job and have to struggle with poverty throughout their life. Your help will make a difference to their life!!

Thank you for your support for the Thai children!

Midori Nishizawa

K-12 Director of Service

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