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CA Finance 106--CA Campus Improvements
Posted 06/08/2018 14:34

CA Finance 106 – CA Campus Improvements

While our new graduates are enjoying their freedom from homework and families are thinking about their summer plans, we are busy preparing for the upcoming school year and developing plans for the years ahead. Summer is a busy time on the CA campus as, in addition to our active Summer Program, our staff is cleaning, repairing and making improvements for your return in August.

In the last year, we’ve undertaken a number of small changes to make the campus more attractive and comfortable. A well-regarded contractor is now responsible for the school’s landscaping, our exterior signage has been renewed, we’ve added two changing tables for families with young children and water fountains are available to fill water bottles. We also placed fire extinguishers in every classroom to further improve safety.

We are adding larger windows in class doors to improve light and to allow you to see into your child’s classroom. The Tea Ceremony classroom has an attractive new door befitting its use. This past Spring, we separated adult and student toilets allowing better privacy for all.

Over the summer, we will add more electronic doors to improve security and reduce the winter winds which make the hallways uncomfortable. We’ll be removing unused student lockers which create visual clutter and add additional windows into classrooms for a lighter feel.

If you’ve attended an event in the atrium lately, perhaps you’ve noticed the new sound system installed with the support of the PTA. This will allow better use of the atrium along with a new exterior sunshade (sail) on the balcony – again, thank you to the PTA and those who organized the Spring Gala.

We will also replace our 18-year old bus, a behemoth carrying up to 64 passengers, with a new one offering greater safety and a more comfortable ride. Our dormitory will receive new furniture, replacing worn out beds, tables and dressers.

Early next year we will introduce a well-known and experienced school photographer. You will be able to choose from a wider selection of photos and order online. Your child can be digitally added to a class photo even if he/she was absent on the day photos were taken, and you will be able to re-order photos in later years as well.

None of these changes really remedy the shortcomings of an aging structure, though the exterior tile upgrade finished in 2016-17 greatly enhanced the overall look. During the next school year, a committee of parents and staff will refine the Master Facilities Plan as we consider more significant renovations of our 28-year-old main building.

We are likely to give priority to replacing aging infrastructure - boilers, water tanks, transformers and electrical distribution systems, fire safety systems – before tackling classrooms and public spaces.

Those of you who use the sports fields and playgrounds may have noticed these areas are showing their age and will need to be renewed as well. We should have a thoughtful and responsible plan for improving and renovating the campus by the end of 2018-19.

I hope this information conveys our intent to continually improve the school campus, to create a safe and supportive environment for your child’s learning, and to preserve our large investment in facilities.

This column will continue next year as we seek to improve your understanding of the operating side of the school and how we safeguard the resources entrusted to us. If you’ve questions or suggestions for topics of interest please send them to We look forward to your return in August!

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