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Thai Village Children's Fund Campaign 2019
Posted 01/13/2020 09:41

We are pleased to announce the Thai Village Children's Fund Campaign 2019 was a great success! With our support, more than 140 students can continue their education.

The Thai Village Children's Fund Campaign 2019 was another great success. In total, we raised 2,524, 877 yen, which will provide three-year secondary education scholarships for more than 140 Thai students. My special thanks go to Mr. David Mayhew and Ms. Suzanne Rampling for their hard work leading the campaign. Thank you everyone for participating in the fundraiser.

Without your help, we couldn't have made a difference in so many lives.

The Middle School raised 1,198,877 yen from different student-led activities, such as bake sales, dodgeball games, movies, candy grams, "We Dare you Mr. Schatzky", dance, and Walk-a-Thon. In addition, many MS students stepped forward to individually sponsor Thai children and donated 538,000 yen, which made the MS donation 1,736,877 yen in total.

I also appreciate the generous contribution of 788,000 yen made by the wider CA community (ES families, faculty, staff and alumni), which made the total of the fundraiser 2,524, 877yen.

Our effort makes a great difference in the lives of Thai kids. We are not just providing scholarships to those who are unfortunate, but helping Thai children establish a system to help each other work their way out of poverty.

Jeanie Vogt, the chair of the fund, expresses her gratitude to everyone who supported the fundraiser. Mr. David Mayhew and Ms. Suzane Rampling will be visiting the Thai villages with twelve 8th graders in February. We look forward to the news about our sponsored students.

Midori Nishizawa
Director of Service

" We believe that compassionate actions benefit communities." (CA core value)

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