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Teaching at Canadian Academy

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Canadian Academy.  We are a school with a long and proud history of academic excellence, located in a diverse and welcoming community. Canadian Academy offers a rewarding and happy work environment, a dynamic professional development program, and a competitive package including housing. We are looking for excellent teachers who are passionate about education and wish to contribute to school and student life in a variety of ways.

Our Teachers ...

Working at CA means working at an IBO World School offering the Diploma Programme (DP) for grades 11 and 12 alongside a High School Diploma, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for grades 6 through 10, and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for PreK-3 (age three) through grade 5.

We are looking for teachers who

  • passionately enjoy working with children and/or teenagers
  • are enthusiastic supporters of the CA Mission and Core Values and Vision Statement 
  • show evidence of a commitment to inspired teaching and lifelong learning 
  • have experience with current best practices, teaching materials, and instructional and assessment strategies 
  • have a Bachelor degree with a valid teaching credential in a content area and/or position applying for (Masters degree preferred) 
  • have two years recent teaching experience in the specific grade level or subject area applying for, preferably in an International Baccalaureate educational environment (PYP, MYP, and/or DP)
  • integrate technology in curriculum and instruction in one-to-one environments 
  • have experience in cross-cultural environments and/or international teaching 
  • differentiate instruction and assessment based on student abilities, interests, and learning styles 
  • support ESOL and LS students through appropriate and research-based instructional strategies 
  • enjoy collaborating with colleagues as an enthusiastic team members 
  • communicate effectively and efficiently with students, parents and colleagues 
  • positively contribute to school culture through support and leadership of school activities 
  • design and deliver an engaging and purposeful inquiry based programme 
  • engage in professional development that models continuous learning for students 
  • encourage students to commit to service learning actions and also model ways to positively impact the lives of others 
  • commit to ongoing professional learning and share expertise with staff through professional development opportunities

Our Secondary School teachers also

  • understand the MYP and/or DP programmes and know how to use this framework in instruction and assessment 
  • participate in overnight, off-campus student learning experiences such as camps, ski trips, sport trips 
  • understand the changing developmental characteristics of young people and positively engage and challenge them 

Our Elementary School teachers also:

  • understand the PYP and know how to use its framework in instruction and assessment 
  • collaborate, plan and integrate with specialists to design and deliver a transdisciplinary program of inquiry 
  • design a balanced learning of literacy that is based on the principles and practices of the Readers and Writers Workshop 
  • design a math program that focuses on developing conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and positive dispositions towards the subject.


Frequently Asked Questions about working at CA

When does the faculty recruitment process begin?

School leadership attend recruitment fairs in January to March. However, recruiting is increasingly a year-round activity, so Canadian Academy encourages applicants to complete an application with Schrole or Search Associates as soon as possible.  Returning faculty are required to renew contracts by the first Monday in December each school year with confirmed faculty positions posted around that time

When are new faculty expected to start school?

New faculty are expected to arrive in Kobe about 7 to 10 days before returning faculty and students.  Please see Information for New Teachers under Employment for the date of arrival for new faculty.

Does Canadian Academy recruit teachers without certification?

Japan has strict visa requirements related to certification. Certification for the field of teaching for which you are applying is strongly recommended.

What is the salary range paid to Faculty by Canadian Academy and in what currency is this paid?

The salary amount depends on the teacher's degree and years of experience. The starting salary ranges from ¥4,050,000 to ¥5,952,000 for the first year. All salaries are calculated, contracted, and paid locally in Yen; however, faculty can also opt to participate in a semi-annual voluntary process whereby up to 50% of a salary can be paid in US dollars. 

Does Canadian Academy recruit families?

Canadian Academy seeks to recruit candidates in line with the Desired Teacher Profile, which includes hiring singles and teaching couples (with or without children).

Does Canadian Academy recruit any particular nationality of faculty?

We are an international school with 10 different nationalities of faculty on staff.  We seek to hire the best faculty member for each position. 

What are the benefits offered by Canadian Academy?

The benefits offered to faculty include the following:

  • All Japanese Income taxes are paid by the school
  • Funding for professional development
  • Retirement benefit (range 5% to 10%) after the first year
  • Shipping allowance
  • Relocation allowance
  • Housing allowance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance (75% paid)
  • Home leave
  • Use of laptop computer
  • Home internet connection
  • Sick, Compassionate, and Personal Leave
  • Bereavement Leave (includes round trip excursion fare. The airfare only applies to overseas hires)
  • Membership with RICL, a health club and also Kobe Club, an expatriate club.

Canadian Academy (CA) hires faculty in two categories, local and non-local.  Faculty who are hired locally do not receive all of the benefits of those hired from overseas, non-local. Please ensure you consult with the Headmaster's office regarding hiring status before accepting a position.

Do all new hire faculty receive an orientation to the school?

Yes, all of our new faculty receive an orientation at the beginning of each school year. This orientation lasts about one week for faculty relocating to Japan.

What materials are necessary for getting a working visa in Japan and at the Canadian Academy?

In order for us to process the relevant papers with the Japanese Immigration office and to obtain your working visa (and dependent visa for your family members), we will need the following information:

For you:

  1. Your passport information: a copy of your passport with any stamps indicating previous entry into Japan. Please copy all of the relevant identification information. Please state when and how many times you have entered into Japan in the past.
  2. Your resume (in English) with both current and permanent addresses
  3. Your original diplomas
  4. Your original certificatesYour original college transcripts
  5. Six recent photographs (passport size)
  6. Your signed contract
  7. An address, e-mail address and phone number where you can be reached from April through August 1st.
  8. Results of physical examination signed by examining doctor

For your spouse if he/she will not be working in Japan:

  1. A copy of the passport with information noted as above
  2. Five recent photographs (passport size)
  3. An original marriage certificate
  4. Results of physical examination signed by examining doctor

For your accompanying child(ren):

  1. A copy of the passport with information noted as above
  2. Five recent photographs (passport size)
  3. An original birth certificate
  4. A letter of guarantee signed by you
  5. Results of physical examination signed by examining doctor

Once employed, what medical form must I submit?

Please download the medical application form and use this form only.  You do not have to take this examination in your home country. It could be anywhere. This medical exam will be reimbursed after your arrival with the original receipt.

How should I apply for a faculty position at Canadian Academy?

Please fill out the on-line application with Schrole or register through Search Associates. 
Currently at CA
Secondary School Principal Search
Beginning August 1, 2019

Canadian Academy is seeking an experienced leader with a strong pedagogical background for the position of Secondary School Principal (Grades 6-12) beginning in August 2019. The successful candidate will be:

  • A visionary leader who can clearly articulate their personal identity as a leader in the school.
  • A leader who models continuous professional growth and personal development.
  • An internationally minded leader who maintains and develops practices to ensure globally engaged and outward looking school community.
  • A leader who is adept at collaborative conversations and able to successfully support and further develop his/her colleagues’ professional capacity through coaching.
  • A leader who builds trust and professional unity through open communication and transparent decision making practices.
  • A leader who has experience of managing change in a stable community of learners.
  • A leader who can successfully distribute leadership to the middle level leaders and other teacher leaders to ensure sustainable practices and programmes in the school.
  • A leader with a strong record of supporting service learning and experiential education.
  • A leader with experience and in-depth understanding and support of inclusive practices in an international school setting.
Key Performance Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with the Secondary School Leadership Team comprised of an associate principal, counselors, and MYP and DP Coordinators
  • Lead regular faculty meetings to celebrate learning and implement initiatives as outlined in the school’s annual Operational Plan.
  • Develop and maintain a master schedule based on student well-being and educational excellence
  • Supervise and oversee secondary school faculty through CA’s Teacher Growth Model
  • Liaise with PTA’s Parent Partner Program and lead regular “Principal Coffees” sharing school philosophy and practice
  • Collaborate with Heads of Departments and Grade Level Leaders to ensure curriculum and social emotional needs are met
  • Prepare and maintain the Secondary School annual budget
  • Engage in proactive practices to support student responsibilities and behaviors
  • Coordinate secondary school assemblies, school exchanges and field trips
  • Contribute to the overall development, mission and vision statement of the school as a member of the Leadership Team
  • A minimum of 5 years principal experience in an IB MYP and DP international school context.
  • Recognized principal certification including a graduate degree in educational leadership.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to no later than August 31, 2019.

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.
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