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Pathways Program

Welcome to Canadian Academy's Pathways Program, a truly innovative and student-centred approach to high-school education. The Pathways Program allows students in Grades 9-12 to experience varied forms of learning outside the traditional classroom, while still meeting requirements necessary for graduation and acceptance into college or a work environment.

Being able to participate in problem-based learning was valuable for me. I was able to participate in a science workshop working with detergents with chemists from P&G

Through Pathways at CA, students can earn course credit for following their passions and developing the knowledge, skills and habits of mind that will lead them to be innovative and desirable young graduates. With opportunities for in-depth project-based learning or industry-centred internships and mentorships, our students are putting their learning to work in authentic settings, proving that it really is the youth of today who will shape a better world for the future.

As education becomes more trans-disciplinary and inquiry-based in nature, skills like critical thinking, self-management, creative problem-solving and collaboration become central to success in global society. Pathways enables students to draw on their own connections between their learning and the impact they can have on communities and the larger world.

The online course allowed me to get social studies credit exploring World Religions, a subject I wasn't able to take as a class in school.

You can join the Pathways program in two ways:

  1. Stand-alone experiences that serve to enhance students' classroom learning, as they work towards CA High School and IB diplomas
  2. A combination of experiences and CA coursework that earn credit towards the CA Pathways Diploma

Pathways experiences may take many forms, with the most common being:

  • Internships: Students are placed in outside organisations for 1-6 weeks to gain work experience and self-management skills
  • Mentorships: Students shadow and/or work alongside professionals to supplement academic courses over an extended period of time
  • Project-based learning: Students conduct research and take action on local or global issues
  • Online coursework: Students work in specialised courses better suited to their own learning needs or interest
"Doing an internship in a hotel, I could learn things other than cook pastries, such as manners, having empathy, and many other things that you can not learn at school. By having this kind of experience I think you will be able to step into the real world and understand what it is like to have a job."

We invite all high-school students and parents to find out more about Canadian Academy's Pathways program, and where it might be able to take you. Fill out the form below, telling us why you are interested in Pathways, or ask for more information.

The world is waiting!

Greg River
Internships & Mentorships Coordinator

Renee Rehfeldt, Director of Learning

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