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Renewing CA

Canadian Academy was purposefully built over thirty years ago with a 20th century education in mind. While modern at the time, parts of our building are inadequate, inflexible, and no longer meet the high standards our community demands. Our teaching is confined by our current spaces and can no longer deliver the learning we expect. We are thrilled to announce the coming renovation of our library and science labs!

Key Features

As we began thinking of how we might best renew our spaces, we made a commitment to increasing learning space, having that space reflect our understanding of best teaching practices and how we learn, as well as increasing the warm community feeling at Canadian Academy.

Our science labs are being redesigned with the space and flexibility to deliver a robust curriculum. Moving away from the static tables and arrangement we have today, the new labs will have a more open feel that encourages collaboration and exploration. The long isolated tables will be replaced with pods that greater reflect the modern workplace, moving to a more vibrant learning environment.

Our library will extend the entire width of the building-- from the south to the north. With this increased space, we will be able to include a design lab/space for our elementary, a break out conference-style room for our secondary school and community use, as well as an assembly space for meetings and presentations. Although we will be renewing the entire library, we will not lose individual work/study spaces, areas to relax and enjoy a good book, as well as ask questions and seek help. Our 40,000+ volumes are not going anywhere!

Although our atrium will regain its position as our main focal point, this phase of the Master Facility Plan has been put on hold for the time being. When completed, the Atrium will be further enclosed, heating and cooling as well as new flooring will allow the atrium to be used as a year-round learning space. The main entrance of the school will be at the top of our front staircase, where our community will be warmly greeted by a receptionist. With flexible furniture arrangements, the atrium can host small or large groups. With a small stage at the southern end, performances can be rehearsed or impromptu. A new staircase will connect the atrium to the cafeteria below, making it the social heart of our school. Whether enjoying a coffee, taking in a performance, or attending a meeting, the renewed atrium will be a warm, welcoming spot.

Project Schedule

Our ambitious plans have been scheduled for the summer of 2020. Starting in June, the science labs, and library will all begin their facelift. Over the summer months, construction will continue, with much of the main building being closed. When students and faculty arrive in August, the majority of the work will be completed, ready for the first day of school.

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