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COVID-19 sport protocols

Coronavirus (Covid-19) forced the temporary stoppage of all sporting activities at Canadian Academy and placed strict limits on the ways people could

keep or get active.

With the reopening of school most outdoor and indoor sports can now begin with strict distancing and protection policies

Training Protocols

When setting up a training session the 3 C's will be used:

  • Minimise close contact
  • Minimised confined spaces
  • Minimised crowded spaces
  • Masks will be worn in change rooms.

  • For indoor activities, athletes will wear masks when not active.

  • Athletes will be required to bring water bottles and not be able to use the water fountains directly.

  • Athletes wash hands before, during and after training. Athletes will be spread 1 - 2 meters apart from each other especially during team talks but also during drills.

  • Coaches will ensure proper ventilation through open doors, fans, and ventilation system.

  • Drills, where athletes are in close proximity of each other, will be avoided or limited in time.

  • Coaches will avoid speaking loudly at athletes.

  • High fives, handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs will be avoided.

  • Coaches will wear masks.

  • Coaches will monitor the end of training and stagger the use of the changing rooms.

Competition Protocols


  • Competitions will take place in venues that are either outside or are properly ventilated and are cleaned frequently.

  • Windows and doors will be open with air conditioning and circulating fans on.

  • Entrances and exits will be minimized to one or two main ones so that those entering can be checked that they are wearing a mask, have sanitized their hands and temperature taken.

  • Areas of competition will be stocked with hand sanitizer that is accessible to coaches, athletes.

  • The site of competition will have clean towels/rags and sanitation spray to sanitize any equipment or surfaces when necessary.

  • For sports that require shared equipment that is touched with the hands i.e. volleyball, participants should use sanitizer or wash hands before, during, and after competition. During competition hand sanitizing can take place during natural breaks in the competition (i.e. changeovers, between sets, quarters, halves, etc).

  • Each athlete will have his or her own clearly marked water bottle. Water bottles will not be shared among participants. Cups will not be used. No team bottles will be used.

  • Each athlete should have his or her own towel if needed. Towels will not be shared among participants.

  • Unnecessary contact outside of that inherent in the sport should be avoided. No hi-fives, help ups, handshakes, hugs, etc during the match between teammates or opponents. Elbow bumps allowed!

  • During the game, huddles should be spread out a feasible distance of one meter between people.

  • Post-game handshakes will be replaced with lining up across from each other and bow to each other.

  • Yelling or talking loudly to a teammate in an enclosed venue will be avoided at all times.

  • Coaches, officials, and other contest personnel are required to wear face coverings at all times.


  • The "away" team will only bring their coaches, players, and one manager per team.

  • Only those involved with the score table and live streaming/commentating will be allowed in the venue. These are pre-approved by the host school AD.

  • The exception is Cross Country races on a school campus where it is not possible to control if people on campus are watching along with the course

  • No other outside visitors will be allowed to attend the competition

    Referees and Officials

    • The referee association will read and agree to the WJAA COVID protocols and agree to monitor and be accountable for the referees that are assigned for WJAA games.

    • Referees will be temperature checked at the front entrance of the school. Any referee with fever or other COVID symptoms will not be allowed to enter.

    • Referees will either use a blow whistle beneath their mask or use an electronic handheld whistle.

    • Referees will wear a mask at all times.

    • Referees will maintain social distance of 1-2 meters from others at all times.

      Face coverings/Mask wearing

      • Any student who prefers to wear a cloth face covering or face mask during a contest should be allowed to do so (exceptions are swimming, distance running or other high-intensity aerobic activities.

      • Any time an athlete is not actively involved in the competition they should be wearing a face covering or mask.

      • When players are on the bench or before competition they should wear their mask over their mouth and nose.

      • Face coverings or face masks will be considered acceptable during athletic competition.

      • There is no need to require or recommend "medical grade" masks for athletic activity. Additionally, N95 masks should not be worn during physical activity.

      • Plastic face shields shall not be allowed during contests.

      • Coaches, officials, and other contest personnel are required to wear face coverings or masks at all times.

      • Visiting teams should carry extra masks

        Visting Teams

        • Only 1 school per CA team will be invited to the CA campus for competitions.

        • Only athletes, coaches and 1 manager may enter the building. No spectators.

        • Visiting school must meet at the front of the school (main staircase) at the specified time where they will be met by a CA coach who will escort them through the school.

        • Visiting athletes will have their temperature taken in the reception area and will be asked to wash hands.

        • If a visiting athlete is late it will be up to the visiting coach to collect the athlete from the front of the school and bring them through the above protocols.

        • Visiting team will be taken to the locker room to change and then to the respective venue for the competition.

        • At the conclusion of the competition, the team will return to the locker room and then leave via front reception.
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