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Thai Village Children's Scholarship Fund

“Without your kindness and generosity, I would not have completed even middle school. I’ve now graduated university and will soon to be a licensed nurse.”

-Arisa Promsena

For over 15 years, Canadian Academy has led a massive fundraising mission to provide more than 2000 scholarships for impoverished middle and high school students in rural Thailand. By fundraising money through bake sales, raffles, and other student-led activities, we have been able to give students in Thailand the opportunity to pursue their hope to continue their education.

The Thai Village Children’s Fund was founded by Ms. Jeannie Vogt, a Thai national who lived in Kobe while her husband was a chef at a major hotel in Osaka. Understanding the great need in her home country of Thailand to help students get a good education, Jeannie initially raised money among her friends before contacting local international schools about participating in the program. For over 20 years Jeannie has worked to create opportunities for students, and is a recognized hero for her efforts.

Ms. Jeannie Vogt, Founder of the Thai Village Children’s Fund

This year is a particularly challenging one as everyone is all too aware. Families in rural Thailand, in a normal year, struggle to provide even basic necessities. According to the United Nations Development Program, over 5 million people live in poverty. This year has exacerbated the situation for students hoping to attend school.

With Covid-19 severely limiting our typical fundraising activities, we are reaching out to the CA community to help even more this year with our efforts. Our hope is that families will directly sponsor students through individual scholarships. Ideally, we would like each student at CA to sponsor a student. We are asking students, however, to think of a thing they could sacrifice over the next month rather than simply asking their parents for money. We want them to understand that education is a great privilege and something not to take for granted!

Please consider sponsoring a Thai student this year. It is a very rewarding experience and an excellent opportunity to practice one of most important CA Core Values, “Compassionate actions benefit communities”.

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Thai Village Children's Scholarship Fund Payment

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