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The Boarding Experience at Canadian Academy

Why Board - and why Japan?
Located in Kobe, Japan, Canadian Academy presents a unique opportunity for a world-class international education alongside a stimulating cultural experience.

Japan offers an exotic, fashionable environment for teenagers, as well as being one of the safest countries in the world. Students in Grades 8 – 12 are welcomed into a close-knit supportive boarding community made up of students from around the world.

From Japan to the US, Sweden to India, and just about everywhere in between, each year students join us and bring with them their own unique mix of cultural references and experiences – each one enriching our community and adding to the diverse experience of boarding at Canadian Academy.

Boarding is also a great stepping stone for upper-class students who may want more independence, but within a supportive environment, before they take the big leap to the freedoms of college life.

Ready to imagine, experience, belong, learn and grow?

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The Boarding House
Gloucester House is Canadian Academy’s on-campus dormitory for international students in Grades 8-12. We are a deliberately small facility, providing accommodation for a maximum of 22 students. Our small size allows dorm parents to develop close relationships with students as they navigate their way through their teenage years and pursue their educational goals at Canadian Academy.

Gloucester House consists of two ‘Dormitory Houses’, a recreation room, a piano/study room, a laundry facility, and a dorm office. Adjacent to the dorm is a soccer field, basketball court, and tennis court.

Each Dormitory House is connected to a dorm parent apartment, which helps create a family environment. The dormitory houses contain a kitchen, living room, three bathrooms, several student bedrooms, and a storage room. Wireless internet service is available for dormitory students.

A Home Away From Home

Dormitory parents are committed to making students’ living environment safe, friendly, warm, and caring. They strive to make Gloucester House more than just a place to sleep and study; they want it to be a second home for dormitory students. They hope students will feel comfortable interacting with dorm parents and contributing to make Gloucester House an ideal community.

Dormitory parents expect behaviors of students to be conducive to a group-living situation. The Dormitory Handbook outlines the expectations and policies by which the rules are fairly enforced, to promote respect for each person’s welfare and property. Students are expected to put forward their best efforts academically and to practice self-discipline, sound judgment, and good manners.

Living in Gloucester House gives me an opportunity to interact and get close to people that I normally wouldn't know, and that helps me realize how diverse, and how similar people are at the same time. It gives me a better sense of who I am as well, and how to belong to a community.

G11 "dormie"


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