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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Elementary School Supply List 2022-2023

Canadian Academy School Supply List for 2022-2023

We want your child to be well-prepared for their first day of school (and beyond). If possible, please have these items on the first day of school-- but we understand that sometimes it takes a few extra days.

While we do have a Lost and Found, please be sure to write your child's name and grade level on the items below whenever possible.

For all children, regardless of grade:

  • A refillable water bottle with a spout and a lid that covers the spout
  • Personal Emergency Kit in a Ziploc bag, containing: a battery/hand-operated flashlight, batteries for the flashlight, snacks, such as cereal bars/dried fruit or any other nutritious food that does not need to be cooked, bottled water

For all elementary school students (PreK-3 through Grade 5)

  • Hot weather kit (during summer months), which includes a hat/cap, light and loose long sleeve clothing
  • Backpack/Schoolbag (large enough for A4 size -210mm x 297mm folders)
  • Masks in a Ziploc bag with name 
  • Headphones with microphone and conventional audio connector for iPad/laptop (not bluetooth connected)
  • PE shoes (also used as indoor shoes) with non-marking soles and laces/velcro straps
  • Optional PE uniform- these will be made available for purchase online through our PTA Falcon Store 

(Optional) Personal pencil case including the following:

  • pencils
  • eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • 20 cm small ruler
  • highlighter pen set
  • color pencils
  • color markers
  • scissors

Students from Pre-K/KA to Grade 2

  • Complete change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, and underwear) to be kept at school in a large Ziploc bag

Students in PreK/KA and KB

  • Raincoat & rain boots to be kept at school for rainy day playtime

We hope that this list will help you prepare your child for Monday, August 22, 2022!