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Join us: Step-Up Challenge October 7th

Join us: Step-Up Challenge October 7th

Step-Up Challenge October 7th 

When: October 7th, 2023 from 2:30-4:30

Who: Open to any CA students from grades 6-12 as well as any parents/ family members

What: Students will be organized into teams of 5-6 and track their steps via their phone or a member of their team's phone. Each team will aim to complete at least 21,881 steps in the cumulative total of their team. Mental Health Team volunteers will have a 10-15 minute break after all teams are finished to calculate the total steps for each group while the participants can enjoy the snacks and refreshers provided at the snack booth. 

If possible, we may also incorporate a water activity at the very end. 

For spirit, we will announce a winning team at the very end who took the most steps. 

Where: The challenge will be done on the Lily field. Students will follow the imprinted white circle route on the Lily field, going in rounds in a clockwise direction. 

After the walking, participants can relax near the entrance of the PE hallway where snacks will be sold and donated to TELL’s fundraiser. 

Why: To raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health in Japan. To move with a purpose and a mentality that acknowledges the existence of mental health issues (21,881 deaths by suicide in Japan in 2022)  within our community and thus spark new conversations that may help peers around us. It is an opportunity to connect with members of our community across different grades through an interactive, fun, engaging and purposeful activity that allows for learning about wellness with enjoyment. While exercising and moving our bodies which is proven to boost blood flow and relieve stress and anxiety, participants can have meaningful conversations on the significance of maintaining a healthy mental health. In turn, this will contribute to fostering an open and safe environment to all who struggle with mental health issues ranging from stress to suicide, communicating that CA encourages students to reach out for support as it is available and accessible within CA. 

How: We will meet at the Lily Field. 

Students can prepare any sports gear or attire that they feel comfortable to walk and move physically in. Bringing a water bottle is recommended but not required as refreshers will be sold. Participants who would participate in the water activity should be prepared to get wet and bring an extra change of clothes.