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PTA November Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes

Nov 4th, 2021 09:00-10:10

Zoom Conference Call

Attendees: Andrea Bickel (President/ Booster Club), Matt Thomas (Treasurer), Susan Mitsui (Falcon Store), Amanda Higgins (Parent Partner Coordinator), Viviana Di Blasi (IFFF), 

Charissa Kane (Halloween/ Secretary), Rob Smailes (CA Rep), CA Parents (x19)

1) Andrea - PTA President 

- Welcome to the meeting. Opening remarks.

2) Update from CA Administration 

Rob - School update. 

-Back from Fall Break. Elementary School conferences are finished.

-Middle and High School conferences are next Thurs/Fri (11th, 12th) and there are no classes those days.

A number of Coffee Meetings/Workshops are coming up...

- Parent Coffee morning re: MYP assessments Nov 9th

- ES Parent Coffee in Japanese Nov 11th

- MAPS Data meeting for ES and MS Nov 16th

- ES Mathematics Nov 18th

- No School on Nov 22nd and 23rd (Thanksgiving and Teacher Work day)

- Secondary school Math (Presentation in English) on Nov 24th

- Organization Tricks Workshop Nov 30th

- Dec 2nd ES Assessment Data/Progress Report Cards--Tentatively scheduled

- Dec 7th Next PTA meeting

- New Website Overview (inc. parent link, last 7 days of notices easily accessible, PTA meeting notes listed on site for easy review)

3) Andrea - PTA President

- Announcement of Amanda Higgins as PTA VP nominee. Motion posed and seconded. Official vote into office. 

4) Matt - Treasurer

- No new info, but request for receipts for any purchases made.

- Higher income from the Falcon Store. (The Falcon store has a separate budget.)

- Halloween Party paperwork will be turned in by the next meeting. Event was over budget but was pre-approved.

5) Susan - Falcon Store

- The website is working well. Proving to have higher sales.

- In the process of restocking and ordering new items. Researching new items like notebooks and mugs and pint glasses.

- We are looking at having more pop-up store opportunities at coffee mornings (date for Nov. TBD).

- Letterman Jacket orders need to be in by Nov. 12th. We will send out the deadline to parents through the Parent Partners. Jacket orders can be placed online. Special info goes in the notes section (like embroidery information). The Falcon Store will contact those ordering before the order goes out to confirm details are correct. 

- Still discussing how to get PE uniforms available on the School Store site.

- Announcement of the T-shirt Design Contest coming soon. Considering a contest for each grade level with themes (to be announced).

6) Charissa - Halloween Party

- Party went well. Thank you to all the volunteers. We had about 25 parents and 10 student volunteers.

- The weather was problematic at first (due to wind), but it died down before the event.

- We were over budget (amount coming soon based on incoming receipts), but had been preapproved ahead of time. Balloon Arch and supplies purchase can be used for other PTA events, so that may be charged separately.

Q - Would we want to consider having it outside in the future?

A - Other than the weather, the playground area worked well. There was more room, but it was still contained. It was easier to see what was available and keep the lines organized. In the future, having a designated backpack dropoff area not near the play areas would be helpful.

7) Andrea - PTA President/Fall Events

- The PTA / Parent coffee morning for Oct was cancelled due to weather concerns. We would like to plan one for Nov. Date is to be approved and announced.

8) Amanda - Parent Partner Coordinator

- We had one parent step down as a Parent Partner. That parent will be replaced.

- Be sure to double check the Google Drive List before sending out group emails to all Parent Partners as the list will be changing to add the new Parent Partner.

9) Viviana - International Food and Fun Fair

- The event is currently scheduled for April 16th.

- Discussing an outdoor event in case there is an increase in Covid cases. That would limit access to power and water, so we need other food options. Possible options are chafing dishes to keep food hot and/or pre-made and pre-packaged international street style food. 

-We want the event to be as Eco-friendly as possible. (ie. local food/ingredients, sustainable practices, sustainable packaging.)

- Telling parents about this early may make it possible for volunteers to bring ingredients back with them if they travel from overseas during the winter break. That is also more environmentally friendly because we aren’t importing as many ingredients.

- Discussing ideas for tents that we can use in Nestle Field. Ideas are borrowing popups that parents or Booster Club may have. Another idea is bamboo framed structures. 

Q to Rob: Can we start recruiting parent volunteers?

A: Yes, we can start recruiting.

Q to Rob: Can we start posing ideas to student groups (like Eco club)?

A: Yes, we can reach out to the Design team / Student Council / Eco Club.

Q to Rob: Can the 10th graders still have the gaming area?

A: No Promises, but looking positive.

Q: (from Vivianna and Amanda) We have an idea to have banners made for each country. Banners can be used each year and add a uniformity to the look of the event.

A: General agreement. It’s a good investment - any overages can be discussed with Momo Parker since it will be used in future years. 

- (Amanda) Considering a fresh new logo for the event (the old one is outdated). (Viviana) Perhaps one that incorporates the S (sustainable). 

- Reminder to parents to volunteer for the event.  Subcommittees will be set up soon.

10) Andrea - Booster Club

- We are trying to get started as live events restart. Currently, just intramural events. 

- Looking for volunteers (with experience if possible).

11) Andrea/Rob - Approval of October meeting minutes

- Rob screenshare of minutes with a reminder that minutes are available on the website. 

- Motion to approve minutes. Minutes approved. 

12) Open to Questions from Parents

- No Questions.

- Request parents to contact the PTA regarding volunteering opportunities. 

Q to Rob: Is that email available on the new website?

A: We will make sure that the PTA email is on the website.

13) Andrea - Closing of meeting

-Thank you for those attending

-Next meeting is December 7th. (That’s a Tuesday?) Usually it would be Dec 2nd (1st Thursday).