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PTA October Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes from the October PTA meeting.

PTA Meeting Minutes

October 7th, 2021 09:00-10:00

Zoom Conference Call

Attendees: Andrea Bickel (President/ Booster Club), Matt Thomas (Treasurer), Susan Mitsui (Falcon Store), Amanda Higgins (Parent Partner Coordinator), Viviana Di Blasi (IFFF), Charissa Kane (Halloween/ Secretary), Rob Smailes (CA Rep), CA Parents (x15)

1) Andrea - Welcome to the meeting. Opening remarks.

2) Update from CA Administration 

Rob - School update

- School Photo days this week. Makeup photos will take place in the spring with new student photos.

- Reminder for parents to wear school lanyards when on school grounds. Parents can get them at the admissions office if they don’t have one. 

- MAPs testing is finishing for ES this week and scheduled for MSS students next week. 

- ES PT conferences are taking place right before the break.

- Fall Break is taking place the last week of October (week off).

- Dr. Frankel is leaving for the U.S. at the end of the school year. CAA is looking for a new SS Principal. Process includes interviews with the Board, Faculty, Staff, Parents.

-The Atrium is officially open. School tours are set up for limited parent groups next Mon, Tues, Weds. 

- School responding to parental concerns about ES lunch time...Staff encourages students to eat before going out to play. Students have enough time to eat, but the weather has been good and students have been eager to go out. Students have enough time to eat and play.

- Next Thurs the new website goes live. Address is the same, but the look is new. There is a higher social media presence and a new logo.

- Baritone Sax question from last meeting - School has the budget for the sax and the Music dept. Is taking care of it. No need for PTA gift money.

3) Matt - Treasurer

- Walk through the budget after meeting with Momo-san.

- We have funds from dues and carryover from last year.

- Question - Should the budget go up on the website like the minutes? Would be visible to public, so still considering.

Other option would be a shared folder on Google Drive for PTA members and parents that want access.

- Booster Club and Falcon Store have separate budgets.

4) Susan - Falcon Store

- Online store opened last week. Thank you to Rob and PTA for support.

- Good order numbers. Site orders and deliveries to classrooms are working.

- Some items are sold out, but the store is restocking.

- Looking at new items (Towels, bags, school supplies)

- Looking into having PE uniforms on the site.

- Letterman jacket orders are starting. 2 days of fittings are happening at pop-up store outside the school. Orders would be in around December.

5) Charissa - Halloween Party

- Halloween Party is scheduled for the afternoon of Oct. 20th. 

- Have parent and student volunteers signed up and most of the games and decorations lined up.

- Parents are welcome to contact PTA/Charissa if they still want to sign up to help.

6) Andrea - PTA President

- Parent coffee scheduled for outside the ELAC building on Oct 13th morning. Falcon store will have Pop-up store and Letterman jacket fittings.

- Additional Letterman Jacket fittings on the 19th.

- Question: Can orders be picked up at the event? Answer:Yes. Laptops and iPads are available to order at the event and items can be taken home.

7) Amanda - Parent Partner Coordinator

- There are Parent Partners assigned for all grades. There was a PP meeting and a representative from each grade was present. 

- Classes are starting to have parent coffees now that the State of Emergency has been lifted.

- Emails are going out to parents though the PPs (School Flowcharts, Halloween party info, Falcon Store and Coffee morning to go out soon).

8) Viviana - International Food and Fun Fair

- IFFF is scheduled for April. 

- Would like to use local and organic products whenever possible. Limiting plastic use, composting work with Eco Club. 

- Question: Will the event be able to take place? Answer: (Rob) Remaining flexible based on Covid levels in the spring. Could have it outside or as a drive-up event if case numbers are bad.

9) Andrea - Booster Club

- They are building a team. 

- Sports are back on weekends, but not with other schools yet. 

- Question: Can we still have a table at an event if we want? Answer: (Rob) It’s up to the Booster club if they want to have a table at intramural events.

- Question: Can we still have homemade items? Answer: (Rob) Will find out.

10) Andrea - Approval of September meeting minutes

- Rob - Minutes are up on the website and screen shared in lieu of hard copies.

11) Open to Questions from Parents

- No Questions

- Rob: Reminder that events for the school newsletter should be shared with Rob by Friday in order to make it in the next newsletter email.

12) Andrea - Closing of meeting

-Thank you for those attending

-Next meeting is November 4th.