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PreK-Grade 12 International Day and Boarding School in Kobe, Japan | Since 1913


Weekly Bulletin 29 May, 2022

Dear CA Community,

Congratulations to our recent graduates! Saturday's commencement was a beautiful farewell to our forty-four graduating seniors and their families. Faculty member Mr. Andrew Rossberg in his commencement address encouraged our students to ask themselves, 'Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who makes your wishes come true?', and to advocate for themselves becoming who they want to be. We wish them the very best and look forward to their return as alumni.

A round of applause to our elementary performers-- the elementary play received very positive reviews! And, a special thank you to faculty directors, Ms. Rose Yee and Ms. Suki Mito. Otsukaresama!

This coming week we will see lots of action at Canadian Academy. On Friday, our Futsal Falcons will be taking the field. We will be hosting four visiting teams from area international schools, while fielding a total of nine teams ourselves! We hope that our elementary futsal-ers play hard and have fun.

We look forward to seeing you on campus for our upcoming PTA meeting- the last of this school year. A reminder with the location will be shared shortly before Thursday's meeting. Or, if you are lucky enough to have secured a ticket, we will see you in our P&G Black Box Theater on Thursday and/or Friday for our middle school play.

Please be sure to read the News and Announcements below for more information and additional events.

Until next week, take care!

Rob Smailes
Director of Admissions and Advancement