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Withdrawal and Survey

Thank you for completing this form; it helps us to ensure a smooth transition for your child to their next school, as well as improve our practices at Canadian Academy. Although your family will be missed, we do hope that your time with us has been enjoyable and rewarding.

The completion and submission of this form is considered official notification of withdrawal from Canadian Academy. This notification will be shared with the relevant offices in order to start the transition process.


How many children in your family are withdrawing from the school?required
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Forwarding address
For secondary school students, final transcripts will be sent to this address.
We have chosen to move to another school because (select all that apply)required
What is the location of your new school?
I am satisfied with the quality of teaching at CA
I am satisfied with my child (ren)'s learning at CA.
I am satisfied with CA's Leadership Team.
CA has a positive learning environment.
CA communicates effectively with the community.
I am satisfied with CA's extracurricular programs.
CA cares for my child.
I would recommend CA to others.
Overall, I'm satisfied with our experience at CA
Can we share your family's withdrawal with our Parent Partners? This will be shared with your child's classmates and their families.

Students who are leaving Canadian Academy prior to the last day of school in June need to indicate if a yearbook should be sent by mail when they become available. If you would like to have the yearbook sent via mail, please complete a postage label with your forwarding address and submit it to our Admissions Office (1F, ELAC building) before your child's last day of school.

For secondary school students, please visit our Secondary School secretary to receive the checkout form and additional information. Your child's official transcript will not be released until this checkout form has been completed.

For elementary school students, upon request we will provide your child's school record that includes a certificate of attendance as well as copies of past report cards and official tests (if taken) that she/he received from Canadian Academy. These documents will only be issued after all materials (including library books) and fees have been cleared.

For elementary students
If yes

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for your submission.